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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beta to-do list

As the development for the beta version of occupancy level threads close to completion, we wanted to share with you our to-do list. This should also help answer many questions regarding the features we are working on.

1. Manage properties
  • size/occupancy
  • alert owner
  • booking lead time
  • turn-around time
  • minimum stay
2. Manage guests
  • list guests
  • edit guests
  • contact guest
  • add notes
3. Manage bookings
  • add/edit bookings
  • add/edit stopsales/blockout
  • locate guest/new guest
  • commissions & deposits
  • booking channels
  • add notes
  • send welcome email
  • send in-house sms
  • send post-stay email
4. Manage extra services
  • airport transfers
  • food packs
5. Manage housekeeping
  • cleaning
  • maintenance
6. View availability
  • Availability Calendar
  • Availability List
  • Add Booking
7. Dashboard
  • revenue stats
  • occupancy stats
  • forthcoming checkins
  • forthcoming checkouts
8. Admin (settings)
  • Set Profile
  • Set Currency & Locale
  • Add Properties
  • Set Staff
  • Set Email templates
  • Set SMS templates
9. Occupancy reports/forecast*

10. Revenue/commission reports*

11. Marketing*

12. Billing/invoicing*

13. Booking engine*

Strikethrough means that the feature is ready, whilst * denotes future development. If you think we are overseeing something important, please drop us an email at hello@occupancylevel.com

Last Updated: 14 July 2013
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  1. Hi, when do you expect to have a beta version for us to test with?
    I am quite anxious to see what you have created, as I have been looking for a good product for a small operation (6 houses) for a long time.
    Kind regards,
    Erwin Zwikstra

  2. Erwin, we are currently polishing up certain aspects of the app whilst testing it for the release. I promise you that every effort is being given to launch the beta ASAP. We should be ready in a few days. Hold tight (and thanks) :)

  3. Erwin, the Private Beta is out. If you haven't received the email with your login, please let us know at hello@occupancylevel.com


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